About Us

Mark Anthony Buzzotta, president of Coupon Magazine, Inc. has been publishing ads for over 35 years.  Dedicated to serving the small business community and to giving the small business person THE BEST VALUE for their investment, Coupon Magazine, Inc. publishes several publications and supporting websites serving the metro Atlanta area and beyond.

Since 1984 we have published community publications and websites that are specifically designed to maximize the presence of the businesses in the communities we serve - at the lowest advertising rates in each community.   We have always been THE Publication that people and businesses seek out in their local AREA   We  saturate the communities we serve by distributing our publication at hundreds of places each quarter.  Local consumers have become dependent on the special offers and information placed in our publications. 

iN RECENT YEARS, WE HAVE EXPANDED the scope and services we provide to both consumers and the businesses as we offer additional information and media via the Web.   Our status as THE COMMUNITY PUBLICATION has evolved into the community website.

There are many, many websites that offer consumers information and services in every community.  However, little or none promote their sites other than through search engines.  Additionally the large number of companies and websites competing for search engine priority is extraordinary.  Consequently the effectiveness of the search engine process is diluted.  We, however are THE ONLY company that publishes our website address in 20,000 publications in each community every quarter!   distributing the publication quarterly not only supports the business community who advertise in the publication, but it also reinforces the web address in the minds of the consumers.  The Publications are effectively a full scale advertising campaign for both the advertiser and the community website.

20,000 copies of each publication is distributed every quarter.  And despite the popularity of the Web, there is still no more effective means of getting the consumer's attention (and potentially, their business) than placing a coupon in his or her hand.  When the consumer is looking for you or a product or service, the web is available to them.  But when a business decides to be proactive and seek the attention of their prospective community, then our publication has no rival.  People remain strongly influenced by a hard copy they can hold and read!  Our publication offers a view of our companies' products, services and offers, and The supporting website offers more information and media. 

At the community website the consumer can see the finest businesses in the community and get special offers, but they also can get linked to the companies' websites, place orders and communicate by email or fax, map locations, see the hours and calendar of events of the companies.  They can also print additional coupons, see additional pictures and connect with their Social Media,  and even see a video presented by the company. 

the publication being seen in the community each quarter is an essential part of reminding the consumer that the local businesses are available to serve the consumer's needs.  And visiting the community website will become second nature as the site will be bookmarked or remembered by their computer, tablet or phone.

The Community Publication supported by the  associated website works successfully together for the needs of the entire community...for the consumer and for the local businesses.

And all this (all the design, printing, distribution and posting on the web) is done for a fraction of what other companies charge for their advertising services.  See Prices.  




As a small business person, it is advisable to diversify your advertising.  Every media and program offers a different market.  And all vary as far as price, value and effectiveness.

When you want to reach out to promote your products and services to your community, small businesses will find no greater effective advertising than local saturated distribution!

Free distribution is a fantastic means of getting your message communicated to your community and is less costly than most alternatives.

The bottom line is this: for any business owner that is serious about generating more business, we offer the best value anywhere.


Although no reputable advertising company will guarantee results, Coupon Magazine, Inc. goes to extraordinary lengths to generate business for each client.

We are not in the business of reporting news, nor entertaining by means of television or radio shows, nor are we beholden to any organization that predisposes us to any bias.  We are in business for one reason, and one reason only: TO SERVE THE ADVERTISER.  And to that end, we do everything we can FOR the advertiser. 

Response rates vary with many, many factors.  

Businesses that offer products or services that are more often consumed, like restaurants, are most likely to get higher response rates.  This fact is true for advertising in any media.  For example, since we eat three times a day, we are more likely to respond to a restaurant ad.  Since we buy a car every few years, we are likely to respond to an automobile sales ad every few years.

The better the coupon in the ad, the more people respond.

The most effective offer is a FREE offer for a valuable product or service.  The next best offer is "BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE."   The next best offer to generate response is "BUY ONE AND GET ONE HALF OFF."  Next is 25% OFF, then 20% OFF, 15% OFF, and so on.  The more aggressive your offer, the more people will respond to your ad.  Determine how much response you desire, then price your inventory and/or services accordingly.  In other words, you may want to have a highly desirable product or a service that serves the purpose of getting people to call you or come into your business so that you can generate foot traffic.  This technique creates an opportunity to meet more potential customers.  Offering a competitively priced product or service entices the consumer to call or come into your business.

For example, a low priced oil change offered by an auto service center often generates a lot of response.  Of course, the repair center does a complimentary check on the car when they do the oil change and the likelihood is that the car will need other service work.  This technique is a wise marketing move.  It not only achieves the opportunity to meet a new customer and move more traffic in the door, but it also sends the message that the repair facility is willing to offer a fine service at a competitive price, which is an impression that will prevail when the consumer must decide to purchase additional products or services from the repair facility. 



You may get response the very first time you advertise with us (or anyone else for that matter).  However, you may not get response either.  You must consistently market your business to build up and maintain your customer base.  Waiting for the consumer to find you via the web or any other means, limits your effectiveness.  Remember that if you are not proactive and do not advertise, you will not be able to get your message out to the community.  And the most effective means of getting immediate response is through local saturated distribution.  We offer the most effective and competitive means of generating response for small businesses.

Even if your business is seasonable, even if the economy is slow, even after the disaster of 9/11 when business everywhere in the country slowed to near a halt, your best way of generating more business is local saturated distribution of your ad in your community.   Even if the majority are not prospects for your business, or timing is not optimal, you will achieve good results simply by virtue of the fact that you have contacted so many people in the area.  Someone will need you, your product , your service, or your business!  You just have to have the faith and fortitude to make the effort to contact the community, and to do it often  

So advertise, and advertise regularly.  Keep reminding the community that you are there to serve them.  Tell them about new products, services and developments you offer.  And do it regularly.  It may or may not be cost effective to do it monthly, but you should be bold enough to contact your community quarterly with your new offers.  Keep your message before them so that you earn their business when it comes time, rather than letting them go elsewhere.  Consumers will generally follow what attracts their attention. 

Our publication is a four or eight page brochure that limits the number of advertisers for maximum visibility of each account.  It is intentionally limited so that your ad is very prominent.  Each account gets a large high gloss, full color display ad.  The publication is localized and Eye-catching. Often the consumer feels compelled to look through the publication for the offers enclosed.  

We offer the most effective and best value in local advertising today!