Distribution Information
Coupon Magazine, Inc. publishes Community Websites for several cities in the Metro Atlanta area.  Click here to see the list.  The Community Website is the premier source for all information and coupons for the finest businesses in each community.

Although there are many, many websites that claim to be the the most prominent site for a particular community, we are the ONLY Community Website that mails to all the homes or saturates distribution in the community every three months.  The constant reinforcement of the website address is the biggest factor contributing to the familiarity and the frequent use of our sites.  More people log onto our sites than any others to look for information and coupons for their local businesses primarily because we mail our publication to all the homes or distribute everywhere in the community every quarter.

The community website is updated frequently and a new publication is published (20,000 copies) every quarter.

We offer two forms of distribution:  direct mail and free distribution.  Both methods are designed to saturate the marketing area of the small business in a particular community.  Inquire as to which method is available in your area.

Mailing or distributing the 20,000 copies every quarter to each community is essential to support the businesses in the community, but also to reinforce the website address in the consumers' minds so that our Community Website is the first resource for the community.  Sooner than later, the consumer will bookmark our site or it will be remembered by their computer, tablet or phone so that the site is an easy and constant reference.  It becomes an essential part of the shopping experience, and the amount of exposure is limitless.

Additionally, your ad is designed, printed, mailed/distributed and posted on the Community Website at a price that's less than half of other advertising services.

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